Recently Added Businesses

Affordable New Zealand car rental company, catering to the Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua and Taupo regions.
42 Storage Units 24 Hours Access 7 days a week 3 Sizes of unit 7m x 3.6m $65 per week
A Competitively Priced Alternative to a Taxi Service. Available for General Transport, Pickups/Drop Offs, Airport Transfers, Private Functions/Special Events, Tours/Excursions.
National Decorators Ltd,complete resource for Free Property Audit,Gutter Cleaning,Paint Maintenance Program,Residential Painters,Commercial Painters,Earthquake Report in Christchurch,Canterbury.
Active Flow operates throughout the South Island installing sewage and wastewater treatment systems
Specialists in ceramic print & supply, using fully kiln fired glassware NZ wide.
Manufacturing cake hardware and cake decorating supplies in NZ
Throughout Christchurch, MWO Plumbing & Gas provide specialist gas fitting and plumbing
Ride exhilarating routes through stunning scenery, see all the postcard panoramas and enjoy an unforgettable guided or self-guided New Zealand
Top of the line Scandinavian furniture store based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Local Business Of the Month

Christchurch Building and Decorating

March 31, 2021

Welcome to Christchurch Building and Decorating – the team you can call on for a variety of home maintenance jobs from house painting to re roofing.

Our residential builders have over 20 years experience in the industry and we pride ourselves on our high standards of workmanship.

If you’re looking for painting or building companies in Christchurch, we’re the team to call – 20 years experience, licensed builders, 100% care.

Building Renovations

Experienced Christchurch builders with a great reputation available for house extensions, roof repairs, and all other building maintenance jobs around the home.

Kitchen Upgrades

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen and you have a folder filled with kitchen design ideas, share them with our kitchen renovation experts for advice and a quote to build.

Painting Jobs

Roof painting, interior painting and decorating, wallpaper hanging, fence painting – Christchurch Building and Decorating can handle it all on time and on budget, so get in touch.

Unison Workspaces

March 30, 2021

Create an inspiring workspace in your office, with a commercial fit-out from Unison Workspaces.

At Unison Workspaces, we strive to create workspaces that not only inspire employees, but enhance wellbeing and improve your bottom line performance.

Collaboration and innovation are vital to a company’s success, so fit your workspace out with a design that will help achieve it.

The Unison Vision

At Unison Workspaces, we aim to create spaces that generate healthy, flexible, fun, engaging and collaborative environments for employees to work in, that in turn will help boost productivity, innovation and profitability.

Furniture Products

Whether you’re based in an office, cafe, or healthcare provider, Unison Workspaces has a range of ergonomically designed furniture perfect for your commercial space, including chairs, workstations, tables, lighting, accessories and more.

Living Office with Unison Workspaces

We understand that work life has changed, and that’s why we’ve specially designed our living office. Bringing humanity back to the workplace, living offices are built with the employee in mind, to in turn help your business succeed.

Advanced Carpet Cleaning

March 30, 2021

With Advanced Carpet Cleaning on board, your carpet will be thoroughly cleaned and dry to walk on quickly.

Not all carpet cleaning companies in Christchurch provide both steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Call Advanced Carpet Cleaning for carpet and upholstery cleaning and stain removal services.

Carpet steam cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning keeps your carpet clean, fresh and promotes its lifespan. To receive a free carpet cleaning quote, please contact Advanced Carpet Cleaning today.

Pet stains on carpet

Wine and food stains on carpet can be successfully removed if treated in the correct way. Contact the stain removal experts at Advanced Carpet Cleaning to obtain a quote.

Lounge suite cleaning

Advanced Carpet Cleaning has years of experience in cleaning upholstered furniture. If you would like a quote to see how much it costs to steam clean your furniture, please get in touch.

Little Mash

March 30, 2021

Here at Little Mash we are a small family business with a passion for children’s clothing and have a lot of experience in the retail industry.

Our aim is to make this the best and easiest online shopping experience, with fashionable and practical clothing.

Both online and in-store Little Mash provide the ideal experience come and say hello in Hamilton or put your feet up and shop.


Find a lovely new outfit for your kid today.


We love children, and have a bunch of our own and want to share our passion for baby necessities.


We have a wide range at Little Mash of homeware, bedding and tableware to suit your home.


March 29, 2021

We provide you with specifically formulated supplements that are designed to increase your stamina, endurance and regulate your body.

We ship across New Zealand, offering top of the line customer service in the case that your product isn’t what you expected.

We are sure that our products will be able to solve your supplement needs no matter the lifestyle.

About Nutritec

We have been providing leading New Zealand deer antler velvet for all of our customers here and abroad, exporting a large amount of our product all over the world.

Buy Now

We offer a large range of products for all of your supplement needs. No matter the lifestyle, we are sure our products are suited for you to assist you wherever you need it.

Contact Today

We are always ready to talk to you through our email contact form or via a phone call incase you have any enquiries. We are sure that we can solve all of your Nutritec related issues.

Web2Print Downunder

March 29, 2021

Using effective and efficient methods to reduce labour costs, Web2Print can offer incredibly affordable prices.

Check out the templates for yourself on our websites to get a look at the products before you buy.

Web2Print also specialises in short run labels in waterproof vinyl or paper.

What we provide at Web2Print

Business cards, flyers, brochures, marketing cards and various signs are all very affordable and orders are processed and dispatched all over New Zealand.

Printing setup through templates

Many of your print orders can be set up as templates and this allows you to order signs and print by simply filling in the information, previewing your work and then submitting an order.

Low cost digital printing

For the sake of keeping the quality of our products at top standard without the expensive costs, we buy most of our standard products from international vendors or from overseas.

Grand Glass & Hardware Ltd

March 28, 2021

Grand Glass & Hardware are your online store for all your glass, splashbacks, pool fencing, glass balustrades and more.

Whether you need pool fencing, shower screens, or balustrades, you can get affordable custom glass with us with nationwide delivery.

Grand Glass & Hardware take pride in their work, providing glass solutions custom made to suit your requirements.

Glass Balustrades

At Grand Glass & Hardware, you can have crystal clear balustrades in your home in no time. We specialise in custom glass balustrades, and supply a range of systems and styles to perfectly suit your indoor or outdoor design.

Pool Fencing, Showers & More

Grand Glass & Hardware supply and custom build a wide range of glass solutions. Whether you need seamless pool fencing and gates, crystal clear showers doors and screens, or custom made splashbacks, contact us to find out how we can help you.


At Grand Glass & Hardware, we’re right behind our customers who want build for themselves. Providing full support, you can request installation instructions for your glass solutions as well as contact our office for any help you may need.

Coconut Co

March 28, 2021

If you’re looking for natural, coconut-based skin care in New Zealand, you’re in the right place.

Our coconut products have multiple benefits that will make your skin shine, and can be used for more than just that.

With multiple variations and multiple uses, transport yourself with Coconut Co’s coconut oil cream products.

Coconut Oil Creams & Balms

Indulge yourself in a delicious skin care range with Coconut Co. We have a range of coconut oil creams available including variations with pineapple, mango and papaya, and frangipani. We also have a coconut oil lip balm.

Natural Ingredients & Nutrition

At Coconut Co, we pride ourselves on using only natural, high quality ingredients in our products, including vitamins A, C, E, and K. Using the top natural products means we provide you with optimal, bright, smooth skin.

Product Uses

If you’ve used coconut oil before, you’ll know what an amazing ingredient it is. It’s multiple uses include skin lotion, night cream, eye makeup remover, natural sunscreen, baby lotion and more. As a natural soothing lotion, the benefits are endless.

Hornby Care Physiotherapy

March 28, 2021

Professional, friendly physiotherapy services from an experienced team in Christchurch.

No matter your condition, the Hornby Care Physiotherapy team have the expertise to provide the best form of treatment.

We are also trained specialists in hand therapy, sports medicine and workplace injury physiotherapy.

Rehabilitation for sports injuries

The team at Hornby Care Physiotherapy are skilled in all sports rehabilitation with an interest in rugby and golf injuries. Our customised prevention and rehabilitation programmes concentrate on holistic treatment outcomes.

Hand Therapy

The qualified hand therapist at Hornby Care Physiotherapy offers relief from all types of upper limb conditions and injuries. Assessment and treatment programmes are tailored to your specific hand, wrist, forearm, upper arm, or shoulder problems.

Recovery treatment for workplace injuries

For effective and honest treatment for workplace injuries, choose Hornby Care Physiotherapy. Our extensive work rehabilitation programme ensures much better recovery process for you.

Quantum Accounting Software Limited

March 27, 2021

QASL provides and supports Quantum Accounting Software ideally suited for the service industry, not for profits and charitable organisations.

If you are looking for an adaptable and versatile accounting system that allows you to keep control of your financials, please talk to us.

We make operating and understanding our system easier with a user friendly interface.

Optimized Accounting Software

For a reliable, smart and user friendly accounting software you can count on, talk to the Quantum Accounting Software team. We help businesses of all sizes and types.

Training and support

Despite our smart, user friendly system, sometimes you might still need a little support or guidance from an expert to help. Our team strives to provide all the professional help it can, so you can call or visit the website for more.

Support FAQs

Looking for some quick answers? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions which are conveniently organised in sections – these may offer some help or guidance.

Dawson Springs & Wire Forms

March 27, 2021

Professional spring design and manufacture

Select from wide-range of spring components, metal pressings, and wire forms from Dawson Springs and Wire Forms.

You can be confident you are dealing with a family business with a wealth of experience and a commitment to quality workmanship, innovative design and great customer service.

Available Compression Springs

Dawson Springs and Wire Forms can provide you selection of compressions springs.

Torsion Springs

Usage of Torsion Springs

Extension Springs

Uses of extension springs

Design Architectural

March 26, 2021

From the first sketch, to your finished space, Design Architectural 2020 offers high-quality designs and modern drafting solutions.

Design Architectural 2020 will shape your concept into a quality design plan for your commercial office, warehouse or up-market residential home.

Be inspired by an architectural design from Design Architectural 2020 in Auckland, for your modern office, warehouse or up-market home concept.

Modern office building designs

All facets of commercial building design are on offer at Design Architectural 2020. Specialists in everything from a modern office building layout to a new facade.

Modern residences designed

Design Architectural 2020 offers bespoke designs for contemporary, high-end homes – with no compromise on quality. For a new home design to a top class renovation plan for your existing executive home, our team are ready to design to your dreams.

Quality building designs

See the proof is in the pudding with some of the exciting builds Design Architectural 2020 has been involved in. View the team’s project portfolio for inspiration.

Bartlett Concrete Services

March 26, 2021

Top of the line concreting solutions offered across the greater Canterbury region.

Offering exemplary services for everything you’d need using concrete, from excavation to complete construction.

We are highly knowledgeable and experienced specialists ready to meet your needs.

Business Services

Providing leading concrete commercial services including landscaping, formwork, excavation, supply, machinery, and more. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

Home Services

We are capable of handling all residential concreting needs. Our team contains plasterers, carpenters, and concrete managers that are prepared to take on any task.

Concrete Management

Our team are some of the most experienced concrete laying companies, built with a range of expertise to bring together an answer to a range of needs and wants seamlessly.

Better Send-Off

March 25, 2021

Planning a funeral can be rough, that’s why Better Send Off aims to make the funeral as smooth and hassle free as possible while also not going over budget.

Better Send Off is a one-stop for everything you need to personalise the celebration of your loved one’s life.

If you need informative advice and practical help on planning a funeral for a loved one, contact Better Send Off.

Frequently asked questions about planning a funeral

As you and your family are ready to begin the funeral planning process, you will have a number of questions that you need answered, so you can start making informed decisions.

Options for handling the ashes

The cremated remains or ‘ashes’ of your loved one will usually be available for collecting within 24 hours of cremation – if you have used a Funeral Director often they will drop them back to you personally or you can pick them up from the funeral home when you are ready.

In the Media

Wellington’s Gail McJorrow awaits the day coffins will be sold in home improvement stores in New Zealand, just as they are in Walmart and Costco stores in the US.

Arrow Hygiene

March 25, 2021

In need of quality hygiene products or cleaning supplies suitable for any situation? Look no further than Arrow Hygiene!

With a wide range of products, across all the major brands, the friendly team at Arrow Hygiene are bound to have the perfect solution to meet your cleaning needs.

We always strive to provide commendable service for our customers, and as a family owned and run business, love to keep our shoppers satisfied.

Providing New Zealand with the best hygiene products and cleaning supplies

We believe in a strong work ethic, and treating customers to attentive customer service that stays professional, while also solving the issues at hand.

Get in Touch for the Best Hygiene Products in New Zealand

Our extensive collection of products from different major name brands is unbeaten by any competitor, and we’ll always have the solution to your hygiene or cleaning problem. At Arrow Hygiene, our staff are always willing to assist the customer to the best of their abilities.

Years of experience working with Cleaning businesses

Providing quality products for affordable prices eventually had our customers asking for more, so we replied by widening our range to include cleaning products and brands from NZ’s best importers.

Web Genius

March 25, 2021

Web Genius creates lead generating websites carefully designed to maximise your business’potential.

Online marketing should also include other options such as Google Ads and extra search engine optimisation.

As a leading New Zealand-based web design company, Web Genius offers help with all of your online marketing.

Website design and production

Web Genius is an expert in small business websites that are specifically designed and written to attract new customers. The design is backed by professional keyword research to ensure results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

For businesses in competitive niches or geographical areas, search engine optimisation can help improve search results. Search engine optimisation involves work both on the page and behind the scenes.

Google Ads campaign for business

Google Ads offer fast return on investment by getting your business at the top of the Google search results. Ads can be targeted to promote a particular product or service or a target market.

Erban Spa

March 24, 2021

At Erban Spa, we’re devoted to positive wellbeing and creating an oasis of calm.

Immerse yourself in luxury, peace and quiet, and let our specialised therapists take care of you.

We provide a range of beauty and spa treatments, including a designated relaxation lounge for you to take advantage of.


Massages are proven to have beneficial effects on the body, including stress relief, pain relief and relaxation. Choose from a range of massage treatments, including full body, hot stone, pre and postnatal, restorative, aromatherapy and more.

Beauty Services

Treat yourself to a full beauty makeover at Erban Spa. After your massage, let our beauty technicians work their magic on your eyes, hands and feet, with eyelash, eyebrow, manicure and pedicure services. We also provide tanning and ipl services.

Wellbeing & Beauty Products

Following your visit with us, we want you to continue enhancing your wellbeing and relaxation. To help you achieve this, we make our highly recommended products available for customers to purchase, including facial and body treatments.

Outback Bathrooms

March 24, 2021

Outback Bathrooms is a New Zealand company that designs and manufactures portable bathroom facilities, including a wheelchair accessible model.

No matter where you are in New Zealand, you can hire or purchase one of our top-class units.

Easily transportable, the Outback Bathrooms range is ideal for camping, worksites, festivals, outback weddings or when you have guests staying.

Camping toilets and showers

Perfect for camping as well as festivals and sporting events, Outback Bathrooms portable luxury toilets and showers are a cut above your average portaloo.

Portable bathrooms

Don’t skimp on the facilities when you’re off the beaten track. Our luxury portable bathroom boasts a flushable toilet and gas-heated shower. Add a kitchen unit and you’re set for the ultimate camping experience.

Wheelchair accessible bathrooms

Our wheelchair accessible transportable bathroom provides comfortable toilet and shower facilities that can be modified to support your specific needs. The unique, patented design allows the unit to be lowered for ramp access.

Beneficial Insulation Installs Guaranteed Ltd

March 23, 2021

Looking for a professional, efficient insulation company to fit out your home or commercial building in Christchurch? Look no further.

For over 10 years, Beneficial Insulation Installs Guaranteed (BIIG) have been a trusted name in Christchurch for all your insulation requirements.

Whether your building or renovating, or just in need of some repair work to your insulation, we’ll ensure we do it right the first time.

Insulation is our speciality

BIIG are your local experts when it comes to insulating your home or building. We specialise in ceiling and underfloor insulation, as well as low floors and dig outs. We provide quality service at competitive rates, and back all our own work.

Benefits of good insulation

At the core of every house, well installed insulation has huge benefits to you and your family. Enjoy more comfort as temperature levels are regulated more easily, lower energy bills and even know that you are helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Our insulation services

Keep your home warm and healthy with professionally placed insulation. Whether you need ceiling insulation or underfloor insulation, our team can help with that and more. Contact us about your insulation requirements today.

Advanced Derma Care

March 23, 2021

Cosmeceutical skin care products are distributed by ADC. Supplies come from top international brands and products include mesoestetic, Ilcsi, DNA Renewal and Gentlemens Tonic skincare.

ADC offers the best professional based treatments and retail offerings, including depigmentation treatments, anti aging and acne products.

Online shopping lets you buy our products and have them delivered straight to your clinic.

Mesoestetic products

Advanced Derma Care offers a full mesoestetic range and is based on clinically tested methods and scientific processes developed over several decades, allowing you to offer clients the best in anti aging skin cream and acne products.

DNA Renewal Skin Care

Fight the signs of aging with our DNA Renewal products as they combing unique growth factors and DNA enzyme repair. These products are suitable for at home or in salon use.

View our range

We provide you with the highest quality products as well as on-going training and advice to enable you to provide your customers with the best experience. Shop now to view our range and delivery straight to your door New Zealand wide.

Connect Chiropractic

March 23, 2021

Our business is a community focused chiropractic team based in Ferrymead, Christchurch.

Our registered chiropractors serve the east of Christchurch from New Brighton to Sumner.

We offer our quality service to everyone no matter the age or lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from our care.

About Connect Chiropractic

Our team aims to have your body working at its peak again so that you can be your best. Connecting your wellbeing and your health is our number one priority.


Spinal care is very important in improving your quality of life. Your nerves are connected through your spide and one misalignment can make all the difference.


We aim to improve communities all across Christchurch by giving back to our community, each month we set up three jars to vote which of the three will receive 1% of our earnings for the month.

Fenestro Imports

March 22, 2021

You can be assured of premium quality as all uPVC windows and doors are created in Germany.

Our uPVC windows and doors will increase the warmth, dryness and comfort of your home.

It is a fact that uPVC windows and doors out-perform aluminium and timber frames.

uPVC front and back doors

Would you like to replace your existing front or back door with an upgraded, German-made uPVC door? These doors are fully sealed and will not let any draughts in.

NZ supplier of uPVC windows

Did you know that every order received is custom made in Germany? Send us your professional plans, and any additional upgrades you require, and we will take care of the rest.

uPVC windows are superior

Compared to timber frames (which require a lot of maintenance) and aluminium frames (which permit heat to escape from the frames) uPVC windows are superior. uPVC windows are low-maintenance and retain heat.

Extreme Carpet Cleaning

March 22, 2021

If you expect pristine results, then Extreme Carpet Cleaning will over-deliver on your expectations.

Extreme Carpet Cleaning was established in 2016 and is proud to have an excellent reputation.

Book us for pristine stain removal, odour treatment and commercial carpet cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning

Every carpet, whether it’s at your home or commercial premises, needs to be cleaned at least twice per year. Our deep cleaning includes soil encapsulation and VLM cleaning.

Carpet stain removal

Have you moved house or taken on a new office lease? Is the carpet less than ideal as there are visible stains? Contact us and we’ll treat each stain individually.

Specialist stain treatment

Although we can remove many stains, the type and size of the stain and the length of time it has been present for contribute to the permanence of a stain. Contact us for a stain assessment.

Carpet Care South

March 22, 2021

For long lasting, professional carpet cleaning services in Southland, choose CarpetCare South

CarpetCare South uses innovative technology to pander towards your carpet cleaning needs with efficiency and quality.

The Carpet and Rug Institute have approved of all our equipment used in our services.

Great carpet cleaning services at affordable prices in Southland

Our helpful friendly team undertakes every task when it comes to serving your carpet and upholstery needs from deep carpet cleans to targeted stain removal. We provide a free consultation at CarpetCare South, so for all kinds of carpet cleaning services contact us today!

Need professional upholstery cleaning services?

If you can’t remember the last time your upholstery was professionally steam cleaned it’s time to give us a call! It’s important to book upholstery cleaners regularly to kill germs, prevent odours and prevent dirt build up.

Looking for a commercial carpet cleaner in Southland?

Offices, busy reception areas, restaurants and all commercial buildings need regular commercial carpet and upholstery cleans six monthly or annually depending on the volume of traffic, industry and environment.

Safa Sales Limited

March 21, 2021

New Zealand-made toolboxes that will stand the test of time and still be going strong after many years of use.

Experienced tool storage manufacturers, Safa Sales Limited produce and custom make tool storage cabinets and heavy duty toolboxes built to last.

You’ll find Safa Sales Limited toolboxes and cabinets in home workshops and professional premises across New Zealand.

Custom-made toolboxes

Looking for more than an off-the-shelf toolbox or storage cabinet? The team at Safa Sales Limited can design and manufacture custom toolboxes for you that will fit your requirements.

Heavy duty toolboxes for the job

When you need a toolbox to stand up to tough conditions, our heavy duty toolboxes are the ideal choice when you need something really hard-working, in your workshop, truck or both.

Standard toolbox range

With a standard range of tool storage cabinets and boxes that are perfect for the home handyman as well as professional mechanics and tradies you find the box for your job at Safa Sales Ltd.

Buy Bullion

March 21, 2021

From Wellington to Dunedin we deal in silver and gold bars, coins and rounds. Invest in physical wealth today.

We offer our services of buying and selling gold and silver online, anywhere in New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on offering the best prices, having a high integrity and having great bulk sale prices.


We have silver in coins, bars and other forms. We offer next day delivery to anyone anywhere in New Zealand. Offering vault storage in Dunedin and delivery included in cost of silver.

Investing in Gold

Want to make an investment in gold? We are here to help you with leading prices in a large range of gold whether you want coins, bars or any other forms.


We have our own secure vault with many storage options including safe boxes both inside and out of the treasury for different security needs and wants.

Leading Label

March 21, 2021

Your brand is your business – and you can really make it shine with the quality label printing services at Christchurch-based Leading Label.

The Leading Label team will help you choose the best label design, material and printing method for your product label – whatever you’re selling.

For wine, beer labels or food product labels, custom printed tags for your products, specialist dispensary labels or any thermal label, we can help.

Quality wine, beer or spirit labels

Wine, beer or spirits – Leading Label creates superb labels for your luxury product. With modern technology and skilled staff we’ll get your latest vintage or craft brew to the top shelf, with a label to make your product stand out.

Dispensary labels for pharmacies

Pharmacy labels are all part of the service at Leading Label. Proud to support our medical sector and the health of Kiwis nationwide, Leading Label makes sure the right information is in the right place on your dispensary label.

Fast moving consumer good labels

Get a stylish adhesive label for your fast moving consumer product that grabs attention and stays the distance in hot or cold situations. Cover all the bases of brand, nutrition and ingredient information with Leading Label’s quality labels.

Roadrunner Manufacturing

March 20, 2021

Roadrunner Manufacturing is backed by over 40 years of experience in producing custom aluminium products

Roadrunner Manufacturing has a strong reputation for quality and customer service

Do you need a free quote? Please get in touch with the friendly team at Roadrunner Manufacturing

Custom aluminium products

How can our team help? For bespoke tool boxes and diesel tanks through to ute boxes and aluminium air tanks please contact us today with your specifications.

Abrasive waterjet machines

Are you looking or a top-quality waterjet? If you are unsure about which size or brand is best for you, please talk to us as we can advise you which one will best suit your application.

Roadrunner Manufacturing photos

Roadrunner Manufacturing has created a wide range of aluminium products for our customers. You can check out our image gallery to see the scope of products our talented team can custom-make for you.

Turmeric Latte Mix

March 20, 2021

Order online today and have your order shipped right to you for free anywhere in New Zealand.

Our products are free of added sugar, organically farmed, and free from additives.

Turmeric latte mixes designed to be simple and quick to make across all products.


There are many different ways to make our turmeric products which is why we offer a range of guides to display how our turmeric latte mixes can be used.

Our Promise

Each pack you buy we donate three dollars to Magic Moments Foundation, a charity based on helping youth, supporting them to allow them to reach their potential.

Get in Touch

Chiasso Coffee Company imports and distributes all of our Turmeric Latte Mix products across New Zealand from their Devonport, Auckland base. If you have any requests of questions contact us.

Touch Up Guys NZ

March 19, 2021

Get vehicle paint or bumper fixes done at your home or office, with expert mobile car services from a nationwide network.

Enjoy a cost-effective and time-saving scratched bumper fix or auto paint repair – at your own home or office.

Mobile paint and bumper repairs in Auckland and around NZ – you’ll find a complete suite of car finishing services available from the Touch Up Guys.

Easy plastic bumper repairs

Plastic bumper repairs can be easier and more cost-effective than you might imagine with the mobile car services the Top Up Guys team provides. For less than your insurance excess you could have every corner of your vehicle looking perfect.

Car paint chip and scratch repairs

We have 55,000 auto-colours available to match your paintwork exactly at Touch Up Guys. Annoying scratches on your car can be whisked away in just a few hours, at your home or office, with a mobile auto paint repair from the Touch Up Guys.

Buff and polish for your car

Make your vehicle look like new, and keep it looking that way with a buff and polish to the top clear coat layer of your paintwork. The results will speak for themselves. Add a headlight restoration to complete the showroom look.