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Cathedral Junction

June 10, 2021

If you are taking the Christchurch tram tour, don’t forget to get off for a look around Cathedral Junction.

Cathedral Junction is the place to go to book a range of Christchurch attractions.

Cathedral Junction also has a wide range of cafes, restaurants and shops to choose from.

Cafes and restaurants

Cathedral Junction has a wide range of cafes and restaurants, including the famous Tramway Restaurant which takes you on a your of Christchurch during your dinner.

Cathedral Junction shops

Cathedral Junction has an eclectic range of shops for both locals and visitors. Pick up a souvenir of your travels from the gift shop or pick up all kinds of things from the convenience store.

Accommodation at Cathedral Junction

Cathedral Junction offers boutique hotel accommodation and serviced apartments for those coming for a longer stay. The accommodation is conveniently located right in central Christchurch.

Web Genius Canterbury

June 9, 2021

Your local marketing expert, Renèe Omand, helps small businesses in Christchurch.

Your website can perform exponentially with a targeted website, SEO and Google Ads.

To see how well your website is performing, arrange a free consult with Renèe Omand.

High performing websites

Is your current website attracting new customers? If not, your website is under-performing and doing you a disservice. Contact Renèe Omand to discuss a new lead generation website.

Website optimisation services

How effective is the SEO of your Canterbury business? If your search engine optimisation could do with a boost, please contact Renèe Omand and she will discuss which SEO package best suits your requirements.

Google Adwords campaign

For professional Google Ads campaign management, talk to Renèe Omand about your needs. Having someone professionally manage your campaigns ensures they are set up correctly.

Plan A

June 7, 2021

Our services are not limited to tender writing but also offer business writing, training, and presentations.

Raise your chances by choosing winners, our team of strategists and specialist writers have your back.

When you choose our team you know you’re getting the best, our only plan is success.

Meet Us

Our team of specialist business writers, consultants, designers, and bid writers are always looking for a challenge and are prepared to do what’s required to get you the win.

How to Win

Our highly experienced tender writers guarantee an improved chance of success. Choosing the best tender writing business throughout Australasia will never leave you disappointed.

Business Documentation

Our business writers will get your documents completed and delivered right to you. Our services cover reports, manuals, compliance documents, websites, brochures, policies, and much more.

Web Genius

March 25, 2021

Web Genius creates lead generating websites carefully designed to maximise your business’potential.

Online marketing should also include other options such as Google Ads and extra search engine optimisation.

As a leading New Zealand-based web design company, Web Genius offers help with all of your online marketing.

Website design and production

Web Genius is an expert in small business websites that are specifically designed and written to attract new customers. The design is backed by professional keyword research to ensure results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

For businesses in competitive niches or geographical areas, search engine optimisation can help improve search results. Search engine optimisation involves work both on the page and behind the scenes.

Google Ads campaign for business

Google Ads offer fast return on investment by getting your business at the top of the Google search results. Ads can be targeted to promote a particular product or service or a target market.