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Merivale Hearing

January 24, 2021

For independent advice, talk to Merivale Hearing as they offer all hearing aid brands.

To discuss the best type of hearing aids for you, talk to the ear specialists at Merivale Hearing.

Arrange your complimentary hearing test at Merivale Hearing, Rangiora Hearing Clinic or Ashburton Hearing Clinic.

New hearing technology

If you hear ringing, buzzing, clicking, hissing or roaring noises – then you may have tinnitus. Talk to Merivale Hearing about the best way to deal with tinnitus today.

Rechargeable hearing aids

Although a variety of hearing aids are available for purchase, there are generally only two types. Our team will discuss the pros and cons of behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing devices with you.

Free hearing check

Have you suffered an accident or een exposed to excessively loud noises over your lifetime? The loss of hearing happens slowly and can creep up on you. Schedule your free hearing test today.

Sincock & Till Audiology

June 29, 2019

You will find that hearing loss is a common condition, and when left untreated can be much more serious that it initially appears…

Sincock & Till Audiology are your caring Christchurch hearing clinic – visit us today for a free hearing check.

Get back quickly to living life at the fullest with personalised hearing care from Gordon & Till Audiology.

Know the symptoms of hearing loss

Impaired hearing and hearing loss can severely affect how you live your life and enjoy your surrounding environment. Check for symptoms and give our clinic a visit today.

Custom fit hearing aids

Find hearing aids that best suit your requirements and fit at Sincock & Till Audiology, with leading technology, custom fit sizes and top quality products.


With Gordon & Till Audiology, you get access to effective tinnitus relief that will treat the annoying ringing in the ears. Enjoy life at its best with the help of our clinic’s specialist services.