NZ Modern School of Music Aoraki

July 1, 2021

Canterbury based music lessons for a variety of instruments including keyboard, guitar, drums and more.

Bring your musical talents to life with fun and creative one-to-one music tutoring for children and adults.

We offer our creative methods of learning and music lessons the New Zealander’s of every age.

Want to learn to play a musical instrument?

NZ Modern School of Music Aoraki believes that if you’d like to learn to play the guitar, drums, piano, cello, accordion or recorder, this should be a fun process and not locked down to exams or competitions if you don’t want to.

Canterbury wide music tutoring available

Our music teachers throughout Canterbury and the Mackenzie Country are dedicated to making the lessons fun and creative, and you will enjoy learning as much they enjoy teaching.

Take part in competitions and exams

Demonstrate your skills and learning by taking part in our music exams and competitions, or just play for fun. We teach our students a variety of musical skills and talents, including both practical and theory.


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