Elite Pest Control

April 24, 2021

Based in Christchurch, pest control experts Elite Pest Control are helping families ensure their homes are safe and pest free.

Specialising in non-toxic eradication methods, our professional team work to minimise the harmful impacts pests can have on a home.

If you’re looking for fast, high quality pest control services from a reliable team, talk to Elite Pest Control today.

Professional pest management services

Whether you have a flea infestation, rat problem or can’t get rid of pesky ants, our specialists are trained to deal with a range of pest management services. Whatever your pest problem, let our dedicated team help solve it for you.

Things to do before a treatment

As part of our pest management services, we will provide you with specific information and instructions on how you can help us help you with your pest control. Instructions range dependent on the pest type, and can help speed the process up.

Decontaminating your home

Even once pests have been removed from your home, there is often an unwanted trail of pest by-products that we don’t want. Providing decontamination services, we can remove faeces and infected insulation, vacuum, deodorise and disinfect your home.


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