Escort Metal Polishers

April 20, 2021

If you need the metal we’ve got the service !
We can restora boats, cars and many different kinds of household or commercial items.

Escort Metal Polishers is an established metal finishing company, based arouund the Christchurch area has been spanning five decades in the industry.

Escort Metal Polishing does pristine metal polishing great for commercial use, as well as expert polishing for church ornaments and household items.

Top of the line metal polishing

Our staff are experienced metal polishing tradesmen delivering commercial use polishing, conveying refurbishment work including, shop fittings, signage and handrails.

Our Automotive services

Our expert team is proficient in bike and auto restoration, we work along side car restorers and panel beaters to make your metal looking brank new again.

Household polishing services

We have metal polishing services directed at household items for anything metal around your house that you think could go for a new polished shrine to it.


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