Merivale Hearing

April 7, 2021

Merivale Hearing is an independent practice that is not associated with any hearing aid brands.

If you suffer from tinnitus and/or hearing loss, our team will talk you through your options.

Arrange your complimentary hearing test at Merivale Hearing, Rangiora Hearing Clinic or Ashburton Hearing Clinic.

New hearing technology

For those living daily with tinnitus, life can be challenging. It is true that there is nothing that can 100% stop the symptoms of tinnitus, however, hearing aids can alleviate phantom sounds.

BTE and ITE hearing devices

Although a variety of hearing aids are available for purchase, there are generally only two types. Our team will discuss the pros and cons of behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing devices with you.

Free hearing check

Have you suffered an accident or een exposed to excessively loud noises over your lifetime? The loss of hearing happens slowly and can creep up on you. Schedule your free hearing test today.


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