Hornby Care Physiotherapy

March 28, 2021

Professional, friendly physiotherapy services from an experienced team in Christchurch.

No matter your condition, the Hornby Care Physiotherapy team have the expertise to provide the best form of treatment.

We are also trained specialists in hand therapy, sports medicine and workplace injury physiotherapy.

Rehabilitation for sports injuries

The team at Hornby Care Physiotherapy are skilled in all sports rehabilitation with an interest in rugby and golf injuries. Our customised prevention and rehabilitation programmes concentrate on holistic treatment outcomes.

Hand Therapy

The qualified hand therapist at Hornby Care Physiotherapy offers relief from all types of upper limb conditions and injuries. Assessment and treatment programmes are tailored to your specific hand, wrist, forearm, upper arm, or shoulder problems.

Recovery treatment for workplace injuries

For effective and honest treatment for workplace injuries, choose Hornby Care Physiotherapy. Our extensive work rehabilitation programme ensures much better recovery process for you.


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