Extreme Carpet Cleaning

March 22, 2021

If you expect pristine results, then Extreme Carpet Cleaning will over-deliver on your expectations.

Extreme Carpet Cleaning was established in 2016 and is proud to have an excellent reputation.

Book us for pristine stain removal, odour treatment and commercial carpet cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning

Every carpet, whether it’s at your home or commercial premises, needs to be cleaned at least twice per year. Our deep cleaning includes soil encapsulation and VLM cleaning.

Carpet stain removal

Have you moved house or taken on a new office lease? Is the carpet less than ideal as there are visible stains? Contact us and we’ll treat each stain individually.

Specialist stain treatment

Although we can remove many stains, the type and size of the stain and the length of time it has been present for contribute to the permanence of a stain. Contact us for a stain assessment.


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