Duo Fitness & Massage

February 22, 2021

Your personal trainers each have more than five years of practical hands-on experience.

Matt and Sam provide a personalised and realistic approach to reaching your fitness goals.

For face to face, and online personal training, contact Matt and Sam from Duo Fitness.

Group personal training

If you live in Christchurch you can have one on one personal training from Matt or Sam. And if you live elsewhere in New Zealand you can sign up for online personal training. Either way you win.

6-week online fitness challenge

Our online fitness classes are popular with those with busy schedules who can’t get to a gym or have young children at home. Simply sign up, turn on your device and workout with us. Easy!

Massage for sore muscles

Are you stressed out? Do you find it difficult to relax? Is your daily schedule so action packed you can’t remember the last time you had time to yourself? Book a relaxing massage treatment with Sam.


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