February 9, 2021

In 2014 James Godinet established MetroMart – a thriving brand of convenience stores.

Every MetroMart you pop into offers a great range of products and customer service.

Drop into your local MetroMart to see what special discounts you can benefit from today.

MetroMart dairies in Christchurch

Your nearest MetroMart stocks everything you need and is a cross between a grocery store and a dairy. MetroMarts are open 24/7 and located in handy spots across Christchurch.

Product deals for customers

On your way to work, you can stop in and pick up a healthy lunch and snack. And on your way home, you can pick up the essentials missing from your fridge.

Own your own franchise

If you own your own franchise under MetroMart’s branding, you benefit in multiple ways. Not only can you earn a lucrative income stream, but you also have full support from head office. Contact us for more information.


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